Local Beaches

Venice and Nokomis Beaches on Casey Key

With six beaches less than 20 minutes away, you may want to pick and choose which ones you visit. Each is unique and offers different activities, plus some are just plain better than others. Get the insider’s view for each one, starting with the closest: Casey Key. And don’t forget to read our quick Guide to Finding Shark’s Teeth.

Casey Key Beaches

Nokomis Beach

Nokomis Beach

Starting right at the Resort, you can visit Nokomis Beach just out your door, or walk South on Casey Key Rd. about a thousand feet to the public Nokomis Beach. The sand and water here are impeccably blue. You will find a lot of sharks teeth here, either washed up on shore with the seashells, or by sifting in the sand just a few feet into the water. You can visit the Sharks Tooth Concession stand here for lunch, (and on the weekends, breakfast) and walk the little boardwalk as well.

North Jetty Beach

North Jetty

Head South on Casey Key Rd. one mile and it will dead-end at the North Jetty. First, you will see a large parking lot on your right which leads to the beach, pavilions with grills and playground area. Or continue straight to the North Jetty parking lot. The Jetty is a great fishing spot, with new public restrooms accessible from either parking area. There is concession at the North Jetty Grille.

Venice Island Beaches

South Jetty

South Jetty

You can see the South Jetty from the North Jetty. However, to get here you have to travel onto Venice Island to get there. Just before you arrive in the parking lot, the Crow’s Nest restaurant is on your right. They have fine dining with views of the water and outdoor seating upstairs. The food is always outstanding. The South Jetty is mostly for fishing, as there is very little beach space.

Venice Beach Florida

Venice Beach

Venice Public Beach is at the end of Venice Ave (about 15 minutes from the Resort). It has two parking lots you will see on the right and left when you reach the end of Venice Ave. In between the parking lots is a shaded area with seating, concessions and occasional live music.

Venice Fishing Pier

Venice Fishing Pier & Beach

The Venice Fishing Pier is just south of Venice Beach about 2 miles -- About 18 minutes from the Resort. You will see Sharky’s on the Pier restaurant & Finns restaurant on your right along with a lot of parking for the beach right next to the restaurant. Additional parking was recently added, public restrooms and several rinsing stations are available. If you park at the restaurant, you can walk the pier for a great view, or stop and eat.

Caspersen Beach

Caspersen Beach

Caspersen Beach has a mix of a lot of sand plus large boulder type rocks and a small boardwalk. It’s generally a quieter beach with less people and limited parking. It has recently added public restrooms, plus a playground with a pavilion in the parking lot farthest back. Beware, this is known by locals as a Nude Beach if you travel far enough down the coastline (South). Otherwise, the public beach area is safe.

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