Guide to Finding Sharks Teeth

The beach right at Gulf Shores Resort

Shark's Teeth are an especially popular activty for vacationers and residents. They are simple to find for kids and adults, and you can easily find several in a short amount of time.


Here's how...

Sand rakes for kids and adults both plastic and metal

Step 1: Get the Right Sifter

Wal Mart, or Nokomis Beach Bait and Tackle (just a couple blocks away on Albee Rd.) will have what you’re looking for. Any sifter will do, but the plastic hand-held ones are better for kids. Look for something that isn’t going to bend or break with some wet sand in it.

sharks teeth on a cloth

Step 2: Know What to Look For

Sharks teeth are usually black but also sometimes brown in color and come in many sizes. Most are about the size of your thumbnail. Sometimes they will be chipped.

people sifting for sharks teeth

Step 3: Look in the Right Places

There are two places you can look: On shore along the seashell line, or in the water in the middle of the drop-off. Some sharks teeth will be sitting among the seashells where the water left them at high tide. You won't find as many here. In addition, just a foot or two into the water, the sand "drops off" or suddenly descends a couple feet down. In the middle of the drop-off, use your sifter to grab a pile of sand. Then sift off the sand along the waterline to see your shells and sharks teeth.


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